Why should I fear anyone?
Except in the case of life threatening situations, but I’m just referring to daily life in general. Why should I be intimidated by any other person? No being has authority over me. Every other person is just an old child. A baby that was born and then grew. Developed the characteristics they embody today. No one knows what is right for me. Opinions. That is all that exist: opinions, everywhere. Why should I feel inferior to anyone? Why should I ever be ashamed of myself? Why should any person ever be embarrassed to be who they are? Who are you to tell someone who they can’t be? Who gave you that authority? No one. There is no human authority. We’re all just old children, groping around in this world in our established beliefs. Who says we’re right? I will not be intimidated. I will stand tall and proud and trust in myself. I will fear none.

Until tomorrow, when I wake up and the social norms kick back in. I’ll fight it.

Hey I’m back

Hey I’m back! I haven’t really stopped writing, just publicly. I’ve been keeping a journal. Mostly writing in Evernote. We just moved to Nashville last week from California to work more closely on Olan Rogers Supply and focus on The Soda Parlor. Love it so far.


I’m excited to say that we’re moving the headquarters to a bigger and better location this Thursday.

This all began out of my parents attic, with the business I started when I was 17. Soon my Dad allowed me to move into his shop and occupy a small corner. Next my Wife and I moved houses…2 hours away… which meant a super tiny downgrade to my In-laws garage.

Luckily some family friends soon offered their single car garage…which the company outgrew before I even moved in.
Next my Father-in-law connected me with someone who had a series of empty buildings…in the ghetto. The cashier right next door had been shot in the head a year earlier; it was freaky at night. The owner wanted me there just so the crooks who were breaking in and stripping out the pipes for copper would know it was occupied and hopefully stop. It was huge, and free (except for the exchange of labor) so I accepted.

After about 9 months on South 9th I was finally able to afford an 800 sq ft shop for $220 a month (and went up to $400 over the next year). We started to grow and soon took a neighboring space as well…which was two doors down. This means constantly walking back and forth between the office and the warehouse.

After 8 years: we’re bursting at the seams. It’s time to upgrade.


I’m working on an app with my friend Benny, an amazing designer & thinker, out in SF, and we are calling it Goalpost. It started out as an extremely simple php project I wrote so that I could post my goals online and keep them handy for viewing. I began using it right away, and all the time, posting my small, medium, large, and “impossible” goals, dreams, and wants. After a week or so I cleaned it up and showed it to Benny.

He start texting me like crazy (a fairly often occurrence) saying it reminded him of an idea he had about learning how to become like other successful individuals, I told him I know, his idea had partially inspired mine :). Long text(s) short: we decided to turn it into an app; and so he proceeded to drive 2 hours from SF to the central valley. We worked from 7pm to 4am in the morning and thanks to that sprint we had a much better looking version and a new name: Goalpost (prior to that I was just calling it Coltr).

Then we tried to wrap it with Phonegap so we could deploy and quickly realized we (I) had done it wrong…so over the next few months I slowly began to rebuild the back end in my spare time.

Today is September 9th and I’m currently on Bart headed towards the Mission to meet Benny and wrap-up (or at least get extremely close to finishing) Goalpost. We are launching the most simple version possible. Even if no one else uses it, I don’t care, this has been fun.


Here is a short poem I wrote last October.


When will the dreaming cease to be dreaming alone.

When will action spring from these bones.

When will words, now carelessly spoken

Begin to be words that are carefully chosen.

When will my thoughts, lowly and undirected,

Begin to be focused, calm, and collected.

When will my wants give way to my needs.

When will life’s lessons, begin I, to heed.

Hello world!

Hey there, my name is Colter Bergh and this is my next attempt at blogging. I am a 24 year old founder, failure, & success. I started my first company when I was 17, and I funded it by selling my car (a gift from my grandparents) and buying a bunch of silk screening equipment online. I started designing and screen printing out of my attic in 2004 and haven’t looked back since (sort of).

My interests lay in:

  • My wife Casey, my daughter Charlie (4), and my son Gunnar (1).
  • Observing & building brands with cult followings.
  • Streetwear + independent clothing companies.
  • The internet: development (php/mysql + html/css) + tech startups.
  • Investing
  • Human life-extension, the singularity, immortality.
  • Philosophy
  • Building something from nothing.
  • Changing the world.
  • Zen+ Wisdom

I will document more of my interests in this here blog.

Peace and thanks.