Hello world!

Hey there, my name is Colter Bergh and this is my next attempt at blogging. I am a 24 year old founder, failure, & success. I started my first company when I was 17, and I funded it by selling my car (a gift from my grandparents) and buying a bunch of silk screening equipment online. I started designing and screen printing out of my attic in 2004 and haven’t looked back since (sort of).

My interests lay in:

  • My wife Casey, my daughter Charlie (4), and my son Gunnar (1).
  • Observing & building brands with cult followings.
  • Streetwear + independent clothing companies.
  • The internet: development (php/mysql + html/css) + tech startups.
  • Investing
  • Human life-extension, the singularity, immortality.
  • Philosophy
  • Building something from nothing.
  • Changing the world.
  • Zen+ Wisdom

I will document more of my interests in this here blog.

Peace and thanks.

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