I’m working on an app with my friend Benny, an amazing designer & thinker, out in SF, and we are calling it Goalpost. It started out as an extremely simple php project I wrote so that I could post my goals online and keep them handy for viewing. I began using it right away, and all the time, posting my small, medium, large, and “impossible” goals, dreams, and wants. After a week or so I cleaned it up and showed it to Benny.

He start texting me like crazy (a fairly often occurrence) saying it reminded him of an idea he had about learning how to become like other successful individuals, I told him I know, his idea had partially inspired mine :). Long text(s) short: we decided to turn it into an app; and so he proceeded to drive 2 hours from SF to the central valley. We worked from 7pm to 4am in the morning and thanks to that sprint we had a much better looking version and a new name: Goalpost (prior to that I was just calling it Coltr).

Then we tried to wrap it with Phonegap so we could deploy and quickly realized we (I) had done it wrong…so over the next few months I slowly began to rebuild the back end in my spare time.

Today is September 9th and I’m currently on Bart headed towards the Mission to meet Benny and wrap-up (or at least get extremely close to finishing) Goalpost. We are launching the most simple version possible. Even if no one else uses it, I don’t care, this has been fun.

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