I’m excited to say that we’re moving the headquarters to a bigger and better location this Thursday. This all began out of my parents attic, with the business I started … Continue Reading →


I’m working on an app with my friend Benny, an amazing designer & thinker, out in SF, and we are calling it Goalpost. It started out as an extremely simple … Continue Reading →

John Doerr @ Stanford

Here’s John Doerr speaking with two KP associates. I admire their company priorities (I’m paraphrasing): 1. Family 2. Team Members 3. Portfolio 4. New Ventures 5. Giving Back I also … Continue Reading →


Ever since a friend reintroduced me to the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator I have been obsessed with it. I am an INTJ or “Mastermind Type” which I am okay with .  The … Continue Reading →


Here is a short poem I wrote last October. When When will the dreaming cease to be dreaming alone. When will action spring from these bones. When will words, now … Continue Reading →

Johnny Cupcakes

I mentioned that I like independents as well as brands with cult followings. Johnny Cupcakes is the epitome of both. He built his apparel brand from the ground up and … Continue Reading →


I would invest in Addy. This is a start-up that turns your street address into a tiny link. As someone that deals with shipping (USPS, PayPal, Fed Ex, and UPS) … Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Hey there, my name is Colter Bergh and this is my next attempt at blogging. I am a 24 year old founder, failure, & success. I started my first company … Continue Reading →